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trottersYou will find a wide range of truly unique products. Each lovingly researched, designed and made by Trotters ‘n’ Pooche’s proprietor Jo Rothwell here on the premises.

Jo’s specialty is to design and make personalised pictures and cards. Each design is created using the thread in her sewing machine as a pen and the fabric as the paint resulting in quirky and totally unique designs.

If you would like to commission a picture, card or gift, then come along and discuss your requirements with Jo so that she can create the perfect gift for you.


Trotters ‘n’ Pooche was created in 2008 for Jo’s Final Degree Show at Blackburn College, where she studied and gained a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Contemporary Textiles. Since then Trotters ’n’ Pooche has continued to grow and develop, with exciting new ventures.

Through the use of drawings, wire, textiles and stitch, Jo has created unique and individual pieces of work. Using pets as the initial inspiration, a family of little dogs, cats, rabbits and other creatures has developed, collectively named ‘Pooches’. New to the collection are pigs, sheep and foxes; these are the ‘Trotters’.

Each Trotter and Pooche is unique with its own personality and identity, living in a quirky world of textile and wire furniture!

All her designs are created using recycled and new materials. Some of the textiles originate from the 1970′s and 80′s, whilst some of the haberdashery is much earlier. The eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage materials gives her designs a fresh and unique appearance.

The quirky world of ‘Trotters ‘n’ Pooche’ is constantly developing through my observational sketches and drawings. Jo’s collection is evolving with other little creatures, pieces of furniture, collaged pictures and wall hangings.