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Heskin Hall Farms Quality Butchers is your quint essential British butchers shop, located within the Farmers Market & Craft Centre.

Our Beef and Lamb comes from our own Farms where the Herd is Free Range & 100% Grass Fed which we believe produces the most natural highest quality meats with the best flavour.All our other meats are also Free Range and carefully sourced from Farms & Producers we can trust and where Quality comes first.

Our Beef is 24 Month reared and then 28 Day Dry Matured to develop beautiful flavour, colour and tenderness for melt in the mouth enjoyment.

We have a wide range of Meats and Products available including Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Venison, Water Buffalo & Game.
We also prepare fresh each day, our quality Sausages, Tasty Meat Balls, Beef Burgers, Buffalo Burgers & Stirfrys.

Aberdeen Angus

Our Pedigree herd of Aberdeen Angus are butchers8bred and reared on our own farm in South West Scotland. They graze on pastures close to the coast where the fresh grass and clover is their ideal diet. Aberdeen Angus is the most famous breed of beef and ours is no different.

Lincolnshire Red

Our Lincolnshire Red cattle also benefit from having Pedigree Status where they are roaming free on our farms in Lancashire. They are an Old Saxon Breed and date back to the late 18th Century. This old breed produces an excellent tasting tender beef.

Water Buffalo

Our Water Buffalo, also bred and reared on butchers7our farms in Lancashire, originally descend from Asian Buffalo, like those in India and Pakistan. Buffalo Beef looks & tastes like any other quality beef, however it is much lower in Cholesterol, Fat & Salt making this the perfect choice for a Healthy Option.

Everything we sell comes from within Lancashire so Total Traceability is guaranteed. Our Beef and Lamb are actually grazed in the fields surrounding Heskin Hall. Now you won’t get lower food miles than that!

So why not shop with us where Quality & Value is written in our name.

Telephone: 01257 451817